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What We Provide

We Provide 1 Our solution requires no resources from you or your business. You might have to lift a pen from time to time, but that's it. We take care of everything for you. We know you are busy enough.
We Provide 2 You remain based in the UK. No relocation required. Nothing changes about your business, except increased revenue and a drop in stress levels.
We Provide 3 With fifteen years of experience in the private hire industry, you are in safe and trusted hands. We will support your growth every step of the way.
We Provide 4 Once instructed by us, most of our clients have access to up to an extra 20% revenue in 24 hours. If this sounds impossible, then call us to arrange a meeting. We will show you how.

Right Slope

If you have between one and three hundred cars in your fleet, we can help you. As one of the worst kept secrets in The Private Hire Industry, we thought it was time to introduce you to our company Taxi Law.

We are proud to work with some of the largest and most respected fleets in the country. We understand the expenses, resources and problems associated with your business. We are in no doubt that we can deliver on our claims to increase your available cash.

The licenced private hire industry is a talkative one. We look forward to talking to you about one of the most exciting opportunities 2020 has to offer.

Call us now to arrange a meeting, so we can show you how we have helped our clients generate over £40,000,000 in revenue already.

Director, Taxi Law "This will transform your business virtually overnight. It really will!"
Director, Taxi Law
Director, Taxi Law



"Taxi Law saved us from having to sell our business and helped us grow in a way we didn’t think possible."
James P
"I didn’t think my business was big enough to work with Taxi Law as I only had 70 cars, I am very happy to say was wrong. I am even happier to say My revenue did go up almost instantly! I kid you not!"
Karl R
"Patrick and the team are next level, I can’t think of a single reason. Why you wouldn’t choose to work with them."
Asif K


FAQ 1 Will I have to re-locate my business?
No, your business remains here in the UK, with no changes to your operation.
FAQ 2 Will it cause any disruption to my business?
No. There is no interruption to your business at all! It is a seamless integration and requires nothing new. We handle everything offsite after our on boarding meeting at your office. Essentially the only thing that changes is the uplift in profits.
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