Case 3

Taxi Law are pleased to note that one of our most experienced Consultants last week represented a long term client at a tier 1Tax tribunal, successfully persuading the tribunal to grant the client permission to appeal vat estimates, which stretch back to 2011, against the usual 21 day estimate.

Case 1

Taxi Law are pleased to note that we have in the last month secured a lifting of an Operators suspension in the South East based on the grounds that it was an inappropriate measure to indefinitely suspend a license. The case was settled administratively just hours before the Court proceedings were due to start, saving … Continued

Case 2

Taxi Law are pleased to note that last week we secured the total acquittal of a driver who had been wrongly accused of an inappropriate act with a passenger. Due to the severe issues with the evidence and thanks to the brilliant advocacy provided by our instructed Barrister, our clients innocence was proven beyond doubt … Continued