Topographical Skills Assessment

Currently in London there is a mandatory Topographical Skills Assessment for PHV drivers. This was agreed following a great deal of dialogue between TfL and Trade Representatives. Do you agree with the Law Commission that knowledge testing for private hire drivers, not only in Londonbut nationally, is an unnecessary regulatory requirement and should not be included … Continued


TfL and Uber had both argued at a one-day hearing earlier in October that the app was not a meter, and both organisations greeted the decision as a victory. The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), which represents many of the 25,000 licensed taxi drivers in London, asked the judge to rule it was a meter … Continued

Change in legislation

Is your base prepared for the change brought about by the Deregulation Bill?? ‘Good news for operators and drivers’ Section 10 (taxis and private hire vehicles: duration of licence) Section 11 (private hire vehicles: sub-contracting); Our most recent work has included administrative re structuring for Operators to position themselves in the best way to avail … Continued