Drivers | Taxi Law



  • Appeals at both Magistrates and Crown Courts
  • All Licensing offences (Plying for Hire, Overcharging etc)
  • Committee representation for all offences/issues
  • Case Stated and Judicial Review proceedings
  • Assistance with new operator applications
  • Assistance with new driver applications
  • Motoring Offences
  • Criminal Offences

It is important to note that Taxi Licensing authorities have a wide range of powers to revoke and suspend licences.

You do not have to accept the revocation or suspension, you have the right to appeal at committee level.

If the licensing committee uphold the revocation you then have the right to appeal the matter to the Magistrates Court initially and then if necessary the Crown Court.

It is crucial at all stages that you have the correct advice and professional knowledge so as to present the facts of your case clearly and concisely.

Having professional representation at the earliest possible stage often means the difference between a positive rather than negative outcome.

Before a Council can issue a licence to an individual, they must determine whether that person is a ‘fit and proper person’ to drive………