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Is your base prepared for the change brought about by the Deregulation Bill??

As an Operator you can be held liable for

  • The actions of your drivers,
  • Vehicles that aren’t insured,
  • Poor customer relations and poor behaviour


All this can lead to Licensing enforcement actions.

The traditional model for Private Hire Operators is outdated and can lead to serious tax and vat implications.

Is your Firm operating as efficiently as possible??

We offer an accounting service, allowing you to implement systems to maximise your ability and stream line your business.

We deal with all matters of a financial nature and HMRC enforcement, including challenging business models, COP9 reports and tax/vat tribunals. The business of Private Hire operations, with a mix of high cash intake and contract work can lead to serious issues with HMRC should an aspect of your financial records be out of touch.

We represent Operators across all formats- Licensing Sub-Committee’s, Magistrates & Crown Court Appeals and all other aspects including Criminal or Civil representation.

As an Operator your License is crucial to the business, contract work and driver stability. It is imperative that you protect that License at all levels.


‘Protect your License, Protect your business’



The services provided from Taxi Law allowed us peace of mind knowing our drivers will be well looked after should they get in to trouble”

J Davis

“Taxi Law provides a highly professional service we now have a long standing relationship it is good to deal with people who know what their about”

J Sharma

“We are very happy to recommend Taxi Law and the services they provide they have helped us with many driver matters”

F Bennett